Nollywood Epic “Oloibiri” Comes to Netflix on April 21st

In 1956, the quaint little town of Oloibiri in Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa state, Nigeria became an oil-producing nation. But, at what cost…Poisoned rivers, strange ailments, toxic atmosphere and death. Their story needed to be told.

In conjunction with Rightangle productions we set out looking for the right script that will speak in passionate volumes, educate and sensitize. Something as passionate and exciting as we were, in telling the story of Oloibiri.

We got poetry, masterfully crafted (yes, CRAFTED) by Dr Samantha Iwowo. Witty, passionate, nostalgic and packed with action. It needed to be told and told well no holds barred.

My utmost respect goes to Uncle Olu Jacobs, Aunty Taiwo Ajayi Lycett, Bill Moses, Ivie Okujaiye, Ifeanyi Williams and to our biggest scoop for the movie, RMD, though a serving Hon commissioner, he made Oloibiri his own and his come back to the Nigerian entertainment scene. They gave life to poetry and pulled at our heartstrings with such powerful acting that at some point we wondered if this was more than just a film.

To the most amazing crew that a producer can ever have, drawn from different parts of the world to tell a story they never knew, but make it they did. Our amiable Director Curtis Graham, everyone, too numerous to mention that believed in the passion to create and came together to make Oloibiri a multi award winning film, Including but not limited to the following; AMVCA 2017 best movie West Africa, San Diego Black film festival 2016 Best foreign film, AMVCA 2017 Best movie Edit, NAFCA 2015 best film.

Thank you, thank you and thank you again

Never forgetting Oge Neliaku, our wonderful and inspiring Executive producer, thank you for believing we could do it, we did it and we are doing it again. So grab your popcorn lets Netflix and chill from the 21st of April.

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