Rest on Gene Dietch, Director of Tom and Jerry

gene dietch tom and jerry

Did you watch Tom and Jerry as a child? Do you still watch Tom and Jerry as an adult? It’s ok if you can’t get enough of it even now that you’re all grown up. The genius behind the clumsy cat and cranky mouse we love so much has finally gone to rest.

Oscar-winning Animator of Tom and Jerry, Gene Deitch, was one of the reasons our childhood wasn’t so boring, and many adults may never admit it but they still can’t get enough of watching Tom and Jerry.

The cartoon always followed the normal cat chase mouse narrative but somehow Jerry was twice smarter than his nemesis Tom. The cartoon found a way of making certain situations feel easy back then with hilarious and incredible episodes. From troubled chaos to booby traps to becoming unusual friends, those two fellas sure know how to get us giddy and going.

Also, some of us born in the 90s might also remember Popeye the sailor man and the awkward super spinach he’s always eating to give him super strength. There’s no doubt that Mr Gene Deitch was a very important pioneer source of entertainment and laughter for kids and probably few adults. However, he would always be remembered.

Now would be the perfect time to catch up on some old episodes of Tom and Jerry just to remember how the humour took complete charge of our senses when we were kids.

Gene Deitch is truly an icon and the words “Thank You” are barely enough to show how much we appreciate the visual presentation of his ideas and his authentic creations.

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