Review Quickie of RED TV’s Latest Series — Assistant Madams


RED TV’S newest web series came to our screens on Wednesday, January 15 and we are here for it! Even more exciting for RED TV and The Men’s Club fans is the spill over of TMC into the new show.

Although this has got fans talking as to when TMC would be returning to the screen with its third season and what is the development between some characters of the older show as seen in Assistant Madams.

The show follows the lives of three women played by Osas Ighodaro, Sophie Alakija and Tana Adelana. The first episode, “Men are Scum” introduces us to and focuses on Ighodaro’s character, Chioma.

Chioma in this episode plans her meal ticket off married billionaire, John Egirigi. This first episode is really exciting and its creates an anticipation of what’s next for the viewers. Though, I cannot say I love the spill over of TMC into this new show, there’s a lot of prospects to the show. We really hope this spill over isn’t a full time thing.

There are a few here-and-there’s with the episode, for one, a lot of people aren’t happy with how the character Lanre from TMC was portrayed to be in the new show because it is very distinct from his original character. Chioma’s game seemed a little too easy also but well, it’s fiction and a movie acted in limited time. It also seems like the series is the female version of TMC and the production style and storyline are almost similar with wealth, adventure, relationships, friendships and mutual connections being the main theme as it is in TMC also.

Other than that, we love her and the show in general and we are definitely looking forward to seeing the rest of the Assistant Madams in the forthcoming episodes.

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