Bollywood in Nigeria and the Stereotype it Suffers From

bollywood IN NIGERIA

Bollywood, over the years, has produced some of the littest movies ever seen. Although many viewers seem to hold the impression that Bollywood movies are more appealing to the female gender, this is not exactly true. Bollywood has been in existence for over a century have evolved in production, both culturally and story-wise.

Unfortunately, only a few movie houses in Nigeria show Bollywood movies. This is quite surprising as Nigeria holds a good fan base of Bollywood. The stereotypes that are attached to Bollywood films may actually be a reason for the lesser opportunity to view new Indian films at the cinemas.

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Stereotypical views such as the notion that Bollywood storylines are only about love, singing and dancing have affected the minds of many movie fans negatively, depriving them of the opportunity to see movies with absolutely beautiful stories, amazeballs production and acting.

The Bollywood industry is rich in talent. I mean, the movie industry on Indian is almost a family business. You find father, mother, siblings, uncles, in-laws all in the industry and everyone is good at their job.

There’s more to Bollywood than just dancing and romance. There’s a wide range of stories that come from this industry. Beautiful stories, well told and well created.

Do you agree that Bollywood has a female-dominated audience? Or do you believe that there is more to Bollywood and that more Nigerian moviehouses should have more showings of Bollywood?


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