One Piece’s New Opening Will Have You Shedding Tears

One Piece has released a new opening them song and no, we aren’t crying, someone is just cutting a truckload of onions nearby,

After watching Sanji and Luffy go head-to-head, and being saddened with Sanji abandoning the Straw Hat’s, there is now more cause to shed tears… no we mean bathe in the ocean.

The video shows all the Straw Hat pirates in their element as usual, until Sanji’s face is shown and that’s where the tears begin. From the onset, it looks like Luffy is desperately running out to get something, or in this case someone – his cook and teammate, Sanji.

The video later goes on to show all the Straw Hats together, looking as happy as ever on Sunny. The pirates all look as if they are heading on their next adventure; however, Sanji is separated and looks to be on a mission of his own.

We also get to see some teases of the upcoming fights as well, with a Gear 4 Luffy squaring up against Big Mom. However, despite Sanji running away, it looks as if at the end of the clip he returns and comes out of Sunny holding a basket of food for his friends.
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