Mulan: 4 Reasons We’re Not Psyched About the Upcoming Live-action Movie.

mulan live action movie

When Disney started making their live-action adaptations, the movie I looked forward to the most was Mulan. Why? because it’s among my top 3 best Disney animated movies ever.

However, with each new development, my enthusiasm kept reducing until I found myself not interested in watching the movie when it comes out.
And the 4 reasons below highlights why.

1. No Li Shang

mulan live action movie

If you were looking forward to seeing Li Shang in all his glory, then best dead that thought cos he’s not going to be in the movie.

Instead, his role as both Mulan’s commander and love interest has been split into two different characters. Donnie Yen is set to play Commander Tung, and Yu is set to play Mulan‘s love interest, Chen Honghui. Pfft!

2. No Mushu or Cri-kee

mulan live action movie

Let me start by telling everyone involved in the movie, “DISHONOUR TO YOU, DISHONOUR ON YOUR COW, DIS-” okay, I’m calm now.

But Mushu and Cri-kee are both not going to be in the movie either. Let me just skip to the next reason because my eyes are already getting misty.

3. No Songs

One of the reasons I looked forward to this movie was the “I’ll Make A Man Outta You” song. It’s one of my favourite songs ever. But sadly, the cast wouldn’t sing a single song in the upcoming movie.

No songs? No songs???? How can you not sing one of the greatest songs of all time?

4. The Villain is a Witch, Not Shan Yu

mulan live action movie

If you were also looking forward to seeing the menacing, hulking figure of darkness with bright yellow eyes that is Shan Yu, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble. His character has been replaced with a witch called Xian Lang and another guy called Boris Khan.

Now personally, I don’t have an issue with a female villain. I’m all for it. But there was something about Shan Yu that made one see him as a threat and someone to be feared. It wasn’t about magic and voodoo, he was a very skilled, strong, evil villain we sadly won’t get to see.

The nostalgia I looked forward to feeling has already been killed, and the way I see it, Mulan will be just another Chinese movie about the Imperial era.

Sure, it will have dope fight scenes and stunts, but the things that would’ve made it different and sweeter, have all been erased.
So am I going to watch Mulan when it comes out? Y’all should decide for me in the comment section.


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