Miwan’s Movie Journal – Why do Movies Lie? (Entry 1)

Miwan is shocked at how much movies lie

Yes, I was on another hiatus again but this time through no fault of mine. Well, the hiatus since my last post was sort of my fault, but for this, let’s imagine I went on a 3-week hiatus. (P.S., I’m active on social media, so you should probably follow Cinema Shed on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, if you haven’t already. Now back to the story)

I’d finally decided to take out the wisdom tooth that had been disturbing me for over 10 years. The stage was set and everything went well until the anaesthesia didn’t work.

After two hours of powering through the pain, the tooth still didn’t come out and the dentist had to stop the procedure. I got referred to another dental clinic days later, and they eventually took it out.

The anaesthetic didn’t fully work and I had to power through the pain again, but it was better than the first time. 

The tooth was out, there was – and still is,- a lot of pain, and I’m healing. Thank God.

This brings me to my main point. MOVIES LIE A LOT. How can people fight in action movies and punch each other’s teeth out without feeling anything and just keep fighting? Or in anime, someone’s eye will get forcefully removed or the hand cut off and they will keep fighting like they aren’t in pain?

Nah! You can’t tell me otherwise. All lies!! 

Fast-forward to days after, I’m still nursing post-op pains, I’m having a headache that feels like my head’s about to crack open and I decide to distract myself with a movie. So I watch SISU on Netflix.

While I enjoyed every second of the movie, I just couldn’t help but notice that the main character went through way worse pain than ever – He was shot multiple times, blown up, stabbed, hung, etc., and this guy just didn’t die. Like how? 

For a split second, I started questioning whether I was the main character in my own life, or whether the pain and migraines I’m nursing can be equated to what the main character in SISU went through. I mean powering through tooth extraction when anaesthesia didn’t work has to count for something, no?

Over time, it’s easy to get conditioned to being able to go through what fictional characters, especially in action movies go through. Still, that reality check has finally hit me as hard as buying units on Band A hit my bank account.

In summary; Movies lie and watch SISU on Netflix if you’re looking for a good action slow-burn movie.

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