Loving Rona Movie Review

loving rona movie review

Plot: A young wealthy business woman, Rona, and her Gardener, Benny, unwittingly fall in love as they scheme to sabotage Alex’s (Rona’s ex fiancée) romance with Jackie(his supposed masseur), so that Rona could have her fiancée back.

If the plot above confuses you, then I’m sorry to say in advance that the movie is just as the plot says it is.

Loving Rona had all the much needed criteria to be a good film; romantic-comedy genre, good cast (for the most part), direction, and a storyline that has been overmilked but people never get tired of watching.

It does good on them all except the progression of the story, and in some way, the story itself. It found a way to over complicate simple things. And while the movie ended the right way, the journey there was full of too many detours that didn’t allow the core of the story to develop.

I keep saying that Gideon Okeke is a gem Nollywood isn’t using enough. His acting was delightful and he carried the movie in ways you can’t imagine. Meg Otanwa didn’t slack off either as she, too, came guns blazing.

The movie didn’t slouch on the comedy. It had moments when I couldn’t help but burst out laughing or smiling widely over simple acting or dialogue. But for the romance, it wasn’t as dialled up as it should have been.

I expected a little bit more depth from the movie, especially when Rona’s sister came into the picture. It would have helped make the movie a bit more fuller.

But regardless, they say the end justifies the means and Loving Rona somehow proves that.

Is Loving Rona worth watching? Yes, it is. If you are looking for another rom-com to pass the time, but if you want something more, then it isn’t for you.

I do reckon it’ll be a hit on Netflix when it gets on the platform eventually (if it does).


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