Let’s Talk Superman vs Thor [Death Battle]

In superhero history, there are two characters who have proven time and time again why they should be praised and feared for their feats of strength, endurance, tenacity and heroism; Superman and Thor.
On this episode of Let’s Talk, we pit the last son of Krypton against the god of thunder.
Who do you think will win in a fight between Superman and Thor?
Watch the video above for the debate and tell us who you are backing in the comment section below.

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  1. Thor over Superman anyday. Does Thor even have any weakness? Lol. Superman is superfast and can maybe win if it was a race but in a fight it's definitely Thor. Thor is definitely stronger and has better reflexes. And my Thor doesn't even need his hammer at all. Plus going by how the comics have potrayed them, Superman is very annoying and is easily susceptible to stupid traps and pranks. So Thor anyday, anytime. It's so obvious I'm biased.

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