Ant-Man and The Wasp: Things To Know Before Watching The Movie

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man will once again sneak his way into the big screen today (Friday 6th July 2018) when his highly anticipated sequel is released.

Paul Rudd will once again reprise his role as Ant-Man and sneaking alongside him is his girlfriend and possibly future wife, Hope Van Dyne (Evangelina Lily), and while we are expecting even more greatness than the prequel, below are 4 things you should know before watching Ant-Man and The Wasp.

The Movie Takes Place Immediately After The Civil War

If you remember, Scott Lang was among the members of Captain America’s team, like Hawkeye and Falcon that were imprisoned at the supermax highly classified prison, The Raft, after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Even though he was released by Captain America at the end of the movie, he struck a deal with the government to be a free man but with the clause that he will remain on house arrest and wouldn’t suit up for no reason! He struck the deal for the same reasons Hawkeye did; to be with his family. Guess we know how the deal turned out, huh!

The Movie Takes Place Before Infinity War

Even though we have seen Avengers: Infinity War and its very sad ending, many people wondered where Ant-Man was and were hoping to find answers in his sequel. But the movie will not only be taking place before the events of Avengers: Infinity War, it will also have no connection with Thanos’ finger-snapping madness. In fact, the only reference to Infinity War we might get all through the movie may come during the post-credit scene.

Be Ready To Re-visit The Quantum Realm

In the first movie, Scott Lang had to go subatomic to destroy the Yellow Jacket suit and true to the warnings of Hank Pym, he entered the quantum realm; the place where the concept of time, space, and reality doesn’t exist. That was the same place the first Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, entered to save the planet during the war and she got stuck there. While Scott Lang was coming out of the quantum realm, there was a faint silhouette of someone who looked clad in the wasp costume, which may be Janet. So maybe the Pym-Team may either go in to save her, or she finds a way to escape like Ant-Man did and bring in something sinister with her.

Goliath May Join The Pym-Team

Goliath is one of the lesser fan-favourite heroes in Marvel comics and in the trailer, there was a scene where Scott Lang was talking to someone who said something about working on a project called ‘Goliath’ with Hank Pym back in the day. Goliath’s powers are basically the ability to grow big in varying sizes. And even though he may not actually feature in the movie, his son may just join the Pym-Team as the next goliath.

The Ant-Man franchise has so far been all about ‘passing the torch’ in some way. Hank Pym passed the mantle of Ant-Man to Scott Lang, Hope became the new Wasp after her mother, and the new Goliath may just be Bill Foster’s son or someone else.

Ant-Man is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

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