Is Oscar-Winning Short Film “Two Distant Strangers” Worth Watching?

Two Distant Strangers is the story of Carter, who caught in a time loop of his death due to racial profiling and police brutality.

For a short film, the movie not only captures the full essence and message it was trying to pass across, but it also brings to life one of the most important fights in the most beautiful of ways.

What sold me most about the movie was how it depicted the struggle against police brutality, and practically every societal ill, social injustice, and problems plaguing the world today.

You start your day thinking it’s going to be the best day. You wake up happy and step into a world of chaos, a world you have battles to face whether feminism, gender inequality, abuse, racial profiling, tribalism, police brutality, and even economic issues like the current state of the country.

No matter where you turn or what you do, even using peaceful means to achieve peace, the chaos still ensues but you keep on waking up every day, you keep fighting. Every death of Carter represents the death of “everyone we have lost along the way, but no matter how long it takes, we will achieve our goal.”

The costume decision to make him wear yellow was an absolutely brilliant one because it made him pop in what was more or less a bleakly-coloured world.

A powerful and real story that hits you repeatedly with a truth you can apply to the battles you face or relate with one way or the other.

Is Two Distant Strangers worth watching? Yes, it is.


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