Glamour Girls Remake Coming to Cinemas in December 2021

glamour girls nollywood

Charles Play of Play Network has announced the official release month of the remake of Nollywood classic movie, Glamour Girls.

Ply Network, the same studio behind the critically-acclaimed spectacle, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, has set the release date of the upcoming Glamour Girls for December 2021.

He had previously announced via Instagram that the movie would take two years to produce and now with the confirmation of the intended release date, he further adds that the movie will involve 3 generations of actors and he’s going all out on this upcoming Nigerian movie.

Play Network Africa announced that it had acquired rights to the Chika Onukwufor-directed film, on December 12, 2019. Other classics billed for production are Rattlesnake and  Nneka The Pretty Serpent.

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