Arrowverse: A Legends of Tomorrow Star Is Excited About This Year’s Crossover

CW’s DC series are still some ways off before returning for their respective seasons, but a Legends of Tomorrow cast member is already looking forward to the Arrowverse crossover. 
Victor Garber, who plays Martin Stein/Firestorm on the hit series, spoke in an interview with Digital Spy about the upcoming crossover which will begin airing on November 27th.
“I’m excited about all of that.” Garber revealed. “As exhausting as all of that is [crossing the shows over], and very disruptive to schedules – because everybody’s trying to figure out how they’re going to shoot their episode that week – it turned out to be a lot of fun.”

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Garber then went on to address what excites him about crossing over with each of the other Arrowverse shows.
“I’m in love with Melissa [Benoist], who plays Supergirl, and I haven’t really had much to do with her at all. But when I’ve just been in the room with her, she’s just so enchanting. And The Flash… that’s where I started, so I have a kind of special feeling for all those people, and I’m excited to get back on that set again. Arrow, I’ve never worked on and I only know Stephen [Amell] from Comic-Con – we did a crossover together but we had very little to do, but I think he’s great.”

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Garber’s excitement about the event – even though the details are still unknown – only makes this year’s crossover event more anticipated than others before, and one definitely worth watching.
Legends of Tomorrow returns to Tuesday nights at 9 p.m., following new episodes of The Flash, in October.
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