Arrow Reveals The Identity of Prometheus

Tonight on Arrow, the audience finally learned the identity of this season’s mysterious big bad, the mass-murderer known as Prometheus.
The culprit? None other than Star City’s own district attorney, Adrian Chase, who was unmasked following a battle with the brutal masked man known as Vigilante.
Ironically, Chase himself is the Vigilante in the comics — and that’s been a key part of misdirecting suspicion regarding his potential to be Prometheus. Josh Segarra, the character who plays Chase, has even had to tell the press in multiple interviews that he was Vigilante.
“When I watch something that’s based off of literature, I’m excited to see the parts that I imagined in my head,” Segarra told reporters during a visit to the set of Arrow back in November. “So when I started reading Vigilante comics, there were little parts where I was like ‘I hope I get to do this,’ or ‘I hope I get to go down this road,’ and so far I’m getting to do a lot of those things.”
He told during the Arrow 100th episode party that they were working hard not to disappoint anybody who read the comics and had expectations for the character.
“The biggest question that I have for myself as an actor is ‘why does this person become the person that they are?'” Segarra said. “So what’s going to be hard is that in the middle of the season I get to introduce Vigilante. So now I’m getting to tell that backstory and we get to tell the biggest pieces and get to show him becoming who he is before episode 7.”
Culled from Comicbook
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