The Boondocks is Coming Back, Grandad Confirms on JRE Podcast

boondocks season 5

The Boondocks, one of the most-watched and loved cartoons, which got cancelled four years ago, is reportedly coming back.

This revelation was made known by John Witherspoon, who voices Grandad on the show, during his appearance on the JRE Podcast (video below).

The Boondocks got cancelled after season 4 was met with very poor reviews and viewership, with most people attributing the failure to creator and producer Aaron Mcgruder leaving the show.

However, it seems we can look forward to seeing more Riley, Huey and Grandad on screen soon enough with John Witherspoon confirming what we have longed for years.

Let’s hope it is really coming back and it is the Boondocks that we love.

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