7 Fast-Growing Nigerian YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

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The Nigerian Youtube space has grown big in recent years. The likes of Davido and Yemi Alade, who are hitting 100 million streams and popular YouTuber, Sisi Yemmie, who has hit the 200,000 subscriber mark, and also popular YouTubers like KnewKeed, Delphinator, and Fisayo Fosudo, among others, have done their fair share of inspiring young and old people to create videos on the platform.

As Nigerians, Africans, and even international audiences keep demanding to consume our content, the number of Nigerian YouTubers rises. And if you don’t know which growing channels to subscribe to (depending on your preferences), here are 7 fast-growing Nigerian YouTube channels that you should consider.

Lilian Okibe

Lilian Okibe started out as a lady who just wanted to show her natural hair journey to her friends and is now one of the top hair influencers on both Instagram and YouTube. Brands (both African and International) usually reach out to her to review their products and she does it amazingly well. She also does how-to videos were she puts ladies (and men growing their hair) through different ways to style their hair with little-to-no hair loss and shrinkage.

Eat With Ope

If you are a foodie and you want to know the best restaurants to eat in, the online vendors’ food to try out, and fun gourmet delicacies to make, then Eat With Ope by Famakin Opeyemi is the perfect channel for you. Though he is more prominent on Instagram, with his video views hitting the 8-10k mark per video, he also posts them to YouTube for people who prefer the platform. Also, he has a Taste Test show where he tastes two different brands of the same product to see which is better.

Muna Muoneke

Muna Muoneke is a fashion and beauty blogger that has honed her craft and even leveraged off it to have a clothing brand of her own. Her channel is full of videos with ‘style lookbooks’ to know what is cool to wear and on what occasion, the best and trendiest fashion wears, bags, and shoes, and also lifestyle videos detailing a couple of her experiences and events.

Abimbola Gbenjo

Abimbola Gbenjo a.k.a Agent Bimbs, is a fashion photographer-cum-travel vlogger. He visits exotic locations like Polo Club, parties, fashion events, fairs, and more, then uploads his experiences in a tasty video that will leave you wanting to visit such places in a heartbeat. He also details his experiences on the various public transport services (most especially bikes) across the country.

Gamer Guy 11

Gamer Guy 11 is, as his name suggests, a gamer. His channel is all about gaming. He plays games (both mobile and consoles), shows you the best tips and tricks, discusses things happening in the game industry, drops the scoop on both upcoming and the best games to play, and more. His videos usually have a comical edge to them with hilarious memes that are guaranteed to give you an enjoyable geeky experience.

Ola Benz

Ola Benz is a vlogger who does a bit of everything female-related; from style lookbooks to showing her naval piercing experience. She also does crazy and funny things like late-night prank calls, the nastiest “what’s in my mouth” challenge, details her activities for a whole day from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to bed, and does a lot more different things that you can’t help but enjoy watching.

Cinema Shed

Owned and run by Miwan, Cinema Shed is the go-to channel for all the news, gists, scoops and more in the film industry. I do movie reviews, superhero battles and debates, African comic reviews, comic recommendations, and also share my thoughts on things happening in the entertainment industry. If you are a geek and a film/anime lover, then Cinema Shed is the channel for you.

To subscribe to any (or all) channel(s) on the list, click on the channel’s icon in the videos and the SUBSCRIBE button will pop up.

Have you subscribed to any (or all the channels) on the list, are there also any other growing Youtube channels that you feel should have made the list, do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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