5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy

fear street trilogy netflix

If you’re ever looking for a horror movie to watch on Netflix, well I’ve got the perfect recommendation for you!!

It’s the Fear Street Trilogy – a movie where the killer is you! Yes, you! Okay, maybe not you but a killer is chosen to begin a sacrifice for the good fortune of the neighbouring town.

So now the question is why should you watch this trilogy?

It’s horrific

fear street trilogy netflix

Unlike regular horror tropes, where a killer is on the loose or some evil has been unleashed. This trilogy has the killer chosen; even if you are a sweetheart and would never hurt a fly – you can be chosen to be the next killer. Apart from the unregular horror tropes, there’s blood, knives, guns and axes. Children being chopped off, and the struggle to survive the next killer adss more spice to the already delicious plot.


fear street trilogy netflix

I know you were thinking, why choose a killer to begin a sacrifice? Why can’t they get a lamb or an innocent girl for a sacrifice, must it be a mass murder? That’s the mystery talking to you and it’s telling you to watch it.

I remember when I started watching it and thought of why a killer had to be chosen and why it had to be from another town. The amount of hate shared among the two towns and why? I can promise that once you learn the truth, you will be mind blown.

Plot Twist

fear street trilogy netflix

What’s any movie without a daring plot twist because I know the Fear Street Trilogy has multiple plot twists. The type that’ll get you mad and would make you cry.

Besides horror, you get a feel of the character’s emotions and lives. Something that most horror movies lack and I’m warning you once you get started on this movie, the plot twists will blow your minds.


fear street trilogy netflix

I know, I know, it’s the key factor that makes every movie interesting but I can promise that this movie hits different. The amount of frustration you’ll feel would get you punching the air, I know it got me punching the air and screaming.

The questions about what the characters would do and who would be the next killer would leave make sure you never leave your seat.


fear street trilogy netflix

Everyone knows how the black people in horror movies always dies first but in this trilogy, black people are in the lead. They’re brave and willing to make the necessary sacrifice to achieve their goal, they aren’t in the background waiting to be killed.

More representation is found since the main character is also a member of the LGBTQ+ community and how her sexuality causes a major development in the plot of the movie.

So what are you waiting for, get to Netflix and start watching already because this trilogy would blow your mind.


Written by Bakare Ayomide.

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