3 Cartoon and Movie-Loving Local Stations We Miss

The broadcasting industry has really come a long way since the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. From having poor audio and video qualities before, a lot of the new-age channels including those still running have all upgraded to at least moderately acceptable AV quality. However, over the course of change, there are a lot of stations that lost their popularity over time. However, the three tv stations below are among the top in this category.


Slogan – “Global brand with African Origin”

Degue Broadcasting Network was the first private TV station and also one of the most-viewed stations in Nigeria from the mid to late 90s. With many great programs to their name, the one that always had Nigerians tuning in by 9 pm was “Night Shift” because it gave viewers the power to choose what movie would be shown that night. The station also made Marvin Gaye’s “Nightshift” popular because that was the soundtrack for the show.


Slogan – “Simply The Best”

Minaj Broadcasting International was well known for their love for local content. In truth, save for AIT and NTA that have been running since 1996 and 1977 respectively, no other TV station has shown their love for content made in Nigeria than MBI. A lot of Nollywood series and movies were always shown on the TV station during their broadcast run.

Super Screen

Slogan – “SuperScreen for culture, for family”

Super Screen had a wonderful knack for showing the best cartoons and Hollywood TV series. At a time when Channels TV began dwindling in the cartoons area during their transition to the current news/info station they currently are, Super Screen saved a lot of sad children (like me) from missing out on their much-needed daily dose of cartoons and TV series.


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