Watch Chris Pratt Rap To “What’s My Snack”.. It’s Too Hilarious

Chris Pratt was on the set of Universal Pictures’ upcoming “Jurassic World” sequel, where he took a very deserved carrot cake muffin break and filmed his enjoyment with a hilarious rap called “What’s My Snack” posted to his Facebook page.

“What’s up? It’s you boy Chris Pratt/Coming back with an episode of What’s My Snack? Last chapter/You ain’t seen nothin’/What’s my snack? It’s a carrot cake muffin/I’ll be stuffin’ this muff up in my grill/Look at the carrot cake crumbs I spill/I don’t even like it, but I’m eatin’ it still/’Cause I’m sitting her within’ away to nothin’/Uh-oh, eating carrot cake muffin.” Pratt is currently on a strict diet for filming so when he finally took a bite of his snack he said: “Ooh, it’s so good! More like What’s My Crack? That’s good!”  

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