Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Things to Know Before Watching

carnage in venom 2

The Marvel universe has never ceased to create the best characters and storylines for their characters; one of which, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is currently available on screens.

Although created by Marvel Comics with Sony owning the rights to the movies, Carnage is set to cause some major damage to Venom in the sequel.

And while you get set to watch Carnage, here are fun facts about the supervillain before watching the movie.

Carnage wasn’t meant to be his name

carnage in venom 2Yeah! Carnage was not intended to be the villain’s name. The creators thought of naming the character Chaos and later decided with Ravage before finally deciding on Carnage – which I think is much cooler than Chaos or Ravage.

DC’s Joker inspired the creation of Carnage

carnage in venom 2Well, not necessarily Carnage but his host – Cletus Kassady, – a serial killer that killed his grandmother when he was young. His mother also tried to kill him, which is why the man is the definition of psycho.

David Michelinie and Mark Bagley, the creators of Cletus Kasady and Carnage, modelled Kasady’s likeness and many of his character traits on the Joker, who is practically an irredeemable malevolent force.

Carnage is an offspring of Venom

carnage in venom 2In the comics, symbiotes can produce offspring. Venom produced an offspring that got into the Cletus Kassady after a knife accident while he shared a cell with Eddie Brock; which led to Kassady escaping and unleashing Carnage.

However, Carnage is an individual symbiote in the movie.

Carnage was thought to be dead

carnage in venom 2If you are a big marvel comic fan, you will find that most of the latest issues that were published excluded Carnage and so he was assumed to be dead until he made another terrifying appearance.

The Avengers, other marvel heroes and Venom have tried to end Carnage

carnage in venom 2I know right!!! Carnage is one hell of a villain, you see Carnage collected multiple codexes from different symbiotes and finally found a way to awaken the leader of all symbiotes – Knull and bonded with him.

This made him almost impossible to stop. The marvel heroes and Venom of course gathered to put an end to Carnage.

This proves how much of a threat Carnage is, so get your eyeballs ready for some wicked-awesome movie that is now available in cinemas nationwide.

Written by Bakare Ayomide.

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