Top 5 Exceptionally Brilliant Villains and Antiheroes

What defines a villain? A mean, miserable, evilly obsessed scoundrel who deliberately makes destructive plans to get whatever they desire not minding the cost.

Almost every movie has one of those selfish anti-heroes in them and the sight of them just gives us the creeps. But then again, we’re likely to become attracted to the way they think and how they confidently put two or more unexpected calculative plans together in a twinkle of an eye. Below are some very peculiar villains we secretly admire:


Cersei was ruthlessly creative with her ideas and she knew how to manoeuvre almost any situation she came across. Her hunger for vengeance never seized to come along with bloodthirsty souvenir to remind her opponent of her genius yet ferocious act of generous depravity.

Cersei was morally corrupt yet brilliantly observant. She had a habit of involving actions of the past, present and future in any of her spiteful plans and she also possessed the urge of making sure her enemy is completely broken as a result of her plan.


Victor is a mad genius endowed with psychological intelligence. His desire to create Life itself was somewhat horrific but what more can you expect from the faculties of a mad scientist. Victor couldn’t accept the thought of failure as his ego does not permit it.


The dangerous heavily pregnant cop known for her nonchalant yet scheming techniques. Alicia is extraordinarily vicious for a pregnant lady and unethically decisive for a cop. She seems unbendable with the complete control of her emotions and she sure knows how to make an entrance.


Lord Baelish, also known as littlefinger, is a man of great ambition but also a very devious member of the parliament. Some might say that he is a conniving snake with an amazing manipulative ability. Little finger cares for no one and he doesn’t mind if anyone gets hurt just so his plan would work.


Klaus is not to be messed with under any circumstances. His temper combined with his masterful system of payback is so underrated. Klaus always leaves a mark to remind his enemies to never forget to be afraid of him.


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