Halloween Kills: The Michael Myers Syndrome

Halloween kills michael myers movie

When we hear the name Michael Myers, the first thing that comes to mind is one of horror’s favourite masked killers.

The man that kills for no reason but because of the fact that he can; and if you love psychopaths and horror movies then the third sequel of ‘Halloween’- Halloween kills is for you.

Okay! Okay! I know you’re pissed. Why isn’t this guy dead? I mean I remember jumping and screaming with joy when his sister finally burnt that house with him down in the second Halloween movie but when we got that, ‘this dude is not about to die vibe’ I got really pissed.

It made me wonder what could be happening in the third sequel of the movie that’s going to make me watch it, and when I did finally get to watch it- my mind went kaboom! I was mind blown.

The Twist

Apart from the ravaging fear that will grasp your body, the tears that’ll form in your eyes as you feel the victims death coming, the screams and the vile death of the victims in all the famous horror tropes; in this sequel of Halloween, there’s a big twist. The people have had enough of Michael Myers and decided to take a stance for themselves.

The question now is would they succeed? Would this really be the end of Michael Myers? I bet you’re curious, aren’t you? The best thing is that apart from the raging victims and survivors of Michael Myers, new secrets are shared in the movie and so, things aren’t what they seem.

I mean don’t you want to find out why Michael stares at the window of his house so much and why he’s so hard to kill.

Halloween Kills is currently screening in cinemas nationwide, so get your popcorn and drinks ready and find out what happens in the new Halloween movie.


Written by Bakare Ayomide.

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