Thor: Ragnarok Review: A Healthy and Refreshing Dose of Superhero Action/Comedy

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Taking us on cosmic rides, and colourful battles had somewhat been what stood Guardians of the Galaxy out in the MCU, that is until Doctor Strange came along (though there were more colourful mind-blowing effects than cosmic rides in this movie). However, now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe now has a new movie that dare-I-say has more colourful battles and fights than GOTG, and the movie is Thor: Ragnarok.
It’s evident that Taika Waititi totally reinvented the character, and if this wasn’t the third instalment in the Thor franchise, it definitely would have made for the best origin story in Superhero cinematic universe history. Chris Hemsworth threw his more serious Thor character for a lighter, fresher version who brought heavy doses of comic relief that one would never have thought possible for the god of thunder.


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Thor: Ragnarok is the kind of movie that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you are laughing, the next minute you are crying, and seconds after that you are on the edge of your seat watching what are probably ‘the best fight scenes in the history of the MCU’, rivalled only by the fights in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Hela was so amazing, it changed the whole idea of having lacklustre and forgettable villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Another score for the Thor franchise because the only two other villains that have made an epic impression in the MCU so far are Loki and Ultron. *Fingers crossed for Thanos.* Hela was as seductive as she was a badass. The perfect kind of villain that would be able to bring out the best Thor possible. And her powers of making weapons and using them in combat was light-years better than Ares’s in Wonder Woman.
In a movie that had as many characters as Captain America: Civil War, no character had little or no screen time. And the Planet Hulk storyline incorporated into the movie, made the movie even greater, with Mark Ruffalo’s sentient Hulk surely smashing his way into the top ranks and will become a new fan-favourite in the MCU. Watch out Tony Stark, Bruce Banner is literally in your fan-favourite shoes and clothes now.
Tom Hiddlestone’s Loki, who had two sides in this movie (with one very surprising side), gave us refreshing doses of comic relief that was better than when those in his previous appearances in the MCU, making him still one of the best villains and characters in cinematic history.
Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster character was a typical Jeff acting in the Goldblum manner. And seeing him act like that as the Grandmaster, was epic beyond words.
Director Taika Waititi delivered on his promise of making Thor: Ragnarok the best in the Thor Franchise, so much so, that it definitely ranks way up amongst the movies in the MCU’s phase 1-3.
I watched it, loved it, and will definitely be going to see it again, probably seven more times!
Score: 9.5/10
Thor: Ragnarok is currently showing in cinemas nationwide

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