The Defenders To Explore Daredevil Revealing His Secret

Season two of Marvel’s Daredevil left fans on a serious cliffhanger with Matt Murdock telling Karen Page that he is the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Although the “what comes next” isn’t expected to be fully dealt with until the third season airs, we can, at least, expect the lovers to address the issue in The Defenders.
With a few days to go until The Defenders officially airs, and with the early reviews for Marvel and Netflix’s next project all positive, there is no doubt that this will make for a great action superhero crossover series.
Daredevil will be joined by Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist as they take on The Hand once and for all? Probably not, but it was still shocking for fans to hear Daredevil say he was taking a leave of absence from crime-fighting after all the hope he had brought to Hell’s Kitchen while donning his iconic red-horned mask.  The good news is, Matt’s relationship with Karen Page will get some screen time. Though six months have passed since the end of Daredevil season 2, actress Deborah Ann Woll told Screen Rant that The Defenders won’t shy away from exploring the ramifications Murdock’s identity reveal:

“I think you’ll definitely see us pick up and discuss what that is, but it’s also a little bit about figuring out whether I can trust him, or whether he can trust me. We’re in a little bit of that limbo.”

Considering her substantial role alongside Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) in the upcoming The Punisher, Karen Page now knows the two most important men in her life are violent vigilantes.
Given the existential threat facing The Defenders in the battle for New York, however, you can bet Matt has his priorities straight. The crossover event is a concise, eight-episode run that leaves less time for emotional exploration and more time for fighting.
The Defenders will air on Netflix on August 18.
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