The Avengers: See How Marvel’s #1 Team Looked Like In 1984

The highest grossing superhero movie of all time – The Avengers (2012), tells the tale of how the charismatic and cunny Loki – with the help of the chitauri, faced off against Earth’s mightiest heroes, who were the obstacles in the god of mischief’s plan to conquer earth.

There’s no doubt that we all enjoyed the movie because director Joss Whedon really came through, for it had all the action, suspense, drama and comedy one would want in a superhero movie. But did you know that the 2012 Avengers wasn’t the first Avengers movie? For the first, we have to go all the way back to 1978 in today’s #ThrowbackThursday to see our Avengers in action.
Watch the trailer for the 1978 Avengers below, and also watch Hulk and Thor’s “epic” fight in the same movie.

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