In an interesting interview session with Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate Ahneeka, she talks about life before the BBN show, friendships made in the house, and life after the show. She didn’t fail to say how much she misses big brother and the sexy way he calls out her name.
The beautiful ex-housemate proved to be the complete package of craziness and fun. She says that even though she’s playful, she is also just as serious. We need to watch out for her though, as she has a lot in store for us. From acting, singing to creating her own brand.
What’s the meaning of the name Ahneeka?
Ahneeka is a Latin name meaning “grace”, it is my mom’s name. My real name is Maryann Iwuchukwu. That’s my birth name in case you wanna write me a cheque#wink. The initial spelling is Anika but I blended letters from all my names to form Ahneeka.
What was life like before the Big Brother show?
Life before Big Brother was slow and steady. You know, an engineer trying to break into the entertainment industry, going for auditions improving your craft, looking for people to give you a chance and being broke basically. #laughs
How was life in the Big Brother house like?
It was so real being in that place because I’ve watched Big Brother for so long, so being in that situation, hearing Big Brother call my name like; “this is Big Brother. Ahneeka”, you know the way he calls my name is so sexy I think we have a thing, I and Big Brother, because no one calls my name like that. It’s getting me so emotional” #sob, I’m sorry.
Having to be in situations I have never been in before because, I have never had to live with people in the same space, even my own siblings had their rooms and I had mine, so having to be in the same space with 19 other people who by God have crazy-ass characters was really hard. It was a learning moment for me, a learning moment of tolerance, patience and growth. And of course, the fun, the party and the booze, let’s not forget that part.
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