7 Marvel Characters That Can Defeat Thanos Without The Infinity Stones

Well, Thanos clearly made an impact in the Marvel cinematic universe. The infinity-gauntlet-wielding madman chose to snap away half of the multiverse instead of snapping in more resources for the world’s population to be able to comfortably use. Talk about eco-terrorism on a multiversal scale, huh? Madness!!

Thanks to his actions, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hulk’s confidence, Scarlett Witch’s and my heart have both been shaken up and I, I just can’t hold it in anymore.

Guys! I don’t feel so good.
Anyways, taking a look at how Thanos tore his way through every superhero in the MCU got me thinking and rewatching all the pre-infinity war movies, I found 6 people (both superheroes and villains) that could have actually taken out the mad titan before he had the chance to assemble all the infinity stones and snap!


Yea, I know it was this golden prick that many feel caused them all to die, but StarLord could have actually taken out the Mad Titan, that is if he hadn’t killed dear old Egotistical dad in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. The unlimited celestial powers he had access to would have been strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Thanos, who for some reason was greatly depowered than the Thanos we know in the comics… That Thanos is a badass! A whiny prick who is obsessed with death, but a badass regardless.


The one-woman wrecking crew, ploughed through the whole Asgardian forces with relative ease, faster than the city of Lagos eats through my savings and rent in Abuja swallows our salaries. Being able to take out everyone, plus Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and possibly the Hulk, if they had fought definitely means that unlike Thanos who requires an army and the Black Order to wipe out half the population of a planet, Hela’s powers are almost second to none. And she was able to destroy mewmew.


The All-father did nothing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe besides sleep and sit on his throne, but there is no doubt that Odin is someone who has enough power to take on Thanos and destroy the Black Order singlehandedly. Being able to depower Thor with just a word, and being someone that Loki never wants to go up against, says a lot about the king of Asgard.


Well, the second eater of planets after Galactus and the ruler of a whole dimension is not one that anyone would want to go up against. And if he drags Thanos into his dark dimension, there really isn’t much Thanos can do about it…. Well, except he bargains!


Being able to plunge your sharp, long, hard and fiery sword into Hela and a planet as big as Asgard and destroying them both in one thrust is well, really hot, isn’t it? No you dirty minded ass, I’m literally talking about his sword. Anyways, there’s not much Thanos would be able to do against such a sword now, is there? Especially since Hela was seemingly destroyed by it and Surtur’s weapon is probably just as powerful as Thor’s Stormbreaker.

Doctor Strange

Being able to take on Thanos who was wielding four of the infinity stones by then isn’t something that anyone can actually boast of. I mean, without any stone, he took Hulk to pound town and instilled the fear of God into the green beast. If the sorcerer supreme was fighting to attain victory instead of trying to make the 1 scenario of victory in the future come to pass, then he could have tailored the vast spells at his disposal to take on the worst father in the MCU. Yea, he’s worse than Ego.

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