Game Of Thrones: Jon Snow Proves He Truly Knows Nothing In Episode 2

The second episode of season 7 started on an expected note. With Cersei’s thirst for power and control far greater than the Lords of Westeros can deal with, her only option is to do what she knows how to do best – connive and scheme her way into getting what she needs by promising great rewards, since “A Lannister always pays their debts.” But with the Tyrell family’s knights now working for Daenerys, will they really betray their house for rewards of land and regions?
Jon Snow’s decision to leave Winterfell in the hands of Sansa Stark may have just cost him the very throne and responsibility he didn’t even want in the first place. With Lord Baelish always in the shadows and now angry with Jon Snow for not accepting his request to wed Sansa, his cunny personality can finally influence Sansa and get what he really wants…her hand in marriage which will make him the Lord of Winterfell… Baelish can make Jon lose his family, people, and everything he holds/doesn’t hold dear, which will be the perfect revenge for him.
However, Jon Snow’s meeting with the Khaleesi will be good for both parties down the road because they may both end up finding out about Jon’s Targaryen bloodline. Plus, we may get to see the dragon’s fire take on the White Walker’s ice, if an alliance between both parties are formed.
Tyrion Lannister’s plan to take Westeros may backfire in many ways, after the war at sea that saw the Theon Greyjoy and his sister lose their fleet, Danerys is not only stuck in her hometown (unless House Tyrell provides a fleet) but she has also lost a few allies. Tyrion’s plan to take Westeros now rests heavily on the Unsullied’s ability to take Castle Rock. 
Cersei can also breathe an unknown sigh of relief now that Arya has turned her attention home to Winterfell because there will have been no one to stop her from reaching and killing Cersei if she had landed in Westeros.
Just like in the first and now the second episode, expect more alliances, scheming and death in the upcoming episodes because ‘Valar Morghulis’ as usual.
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