Stan Lee and Deadpool Cameo in Logan Revealed

Now playing in theaters worldwide, Logan has managed to squeeze Marvel Comics mastermind Stan Lee and the fourth-wall shattering merc with a mouth Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, into Hugh Jackman’s final film as a mutant.

Rather than appearing in the movie itself or a highly-expected post-credits scene, Stan Lee and Deadpool appear in Logan before the movie begins. After the trailers play and before the film begins, the two Marvel icons are seen discussing various topics in a movie theater as a teaser of sorts for Deadpool 2. There are also a few familiar songs from the original film which fans of the merc with a mouth will enjoy
The sequence, filmed in January, is the closest thing to a Deadpool/Wolverine crossover on the big screen, directed by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch. Jackman has remained firm on his “final movie” stance with Logan serving as his sendoff. Not only is Jackman done with X-Men movies after Logan but Charles Xavier actor Patrick Stewart also announced his retirement from the 20th Century Fox-owned franchise a week ago, as well.
Originally published on Comicbook
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