4 Female Fictional Characters to Pray You Never Meet in Real Life


We have seen crazy shown in movies too many times and we have heard of people as crazy as such characters do things in real life, but like they say, “crazy pass crazy”. So below are four female fictional characters you should pray to never meet in this life.

Before I go on to the list, let us pray. “O God, please deliver us from evil and crazy. Amen.”

Now that we are protected, let’s begin:

1. Love:

I don’t think I’ve ever been as shocked as I was when Love was shown to be a psycho-killing crazy person. All I could think of was how someone that sweet, innocent-looking, and caring could be such a psycho. Imagine outcrazying Joe Goldberg to the extent of humbling him. Best run away from such ladies.

2. Sylvia:

I was almost scared to sleep after I watched Sylvia. What in the crazy was that character because I don’t even understand. All I know is I never want to meet any woman as crazy as that.
Let me pause here to just talk about how amazing Zainab Balogun’s performance as Sylvia was.

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3. Amy

Amy was by far… You know what? I really don’t want to talk about this character because literal chills. Like how could she… Why would… I don’t get what even made her… Just why? Nah, I’m skipping. The PTSD from watching Gone Girl is too much. I can’t, I just can’t.

4. Harley Quinn

Many people now like her because of Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and her animated series. But if there’s anything I’ve learnt from Harley Quinn is that she can flip the switch on you at any time. One minute she’s laughing with you and the next, your head is getting bashed in by her hammer because you didn’t add a slice of onions to her eggs or some small thing like that.

Dear Kings, if you’re dating or you know any lady that is like any of the above mentioned (or has tendencies to be like them,) let me give you the best advice you’d ever get in this life… RUN, BRO, RUN!!!!

P.S: some of them are very adept at hiding their crazy like Love, Sylvia, and Amy did, and it’s only when it’s too late for you to back out they’ll now show their true colours… Godspeed, bro.

Watch out for the guys’ version soon.

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