Even if you haven’t seen an episode of Skinny Girl in Transit we’re pretty sure you’d have heard people making noise about it. I don’t think we can say the same about ‘This is it’ series. Both are Nigerian webisodes are made for millennials but from all indications, one seems to be winning while the other seems to be lagging behind and here’s why.

The Relatability

In a bit to leave the old cliché Nollywood behind, most Nigerian directors and actors tend to be a tad bit “Bogie” and Elitist in their plots. At first, we all loved it because it painted Nigeria in a good light and did away with the old movies that only showed poverty and witchcraft, but after a while we got tired of it because it evolved to being fake to the point that nobody (except the few one percent) could relate to. While almost every Nigerian can relate to Tiwa and Tiwa’s mum in Skinny girl in transit, it’s hard to relate to the couples in ‘This is it’. Even newlyweds in Nigeria can’t relate to the issues the couples in ‘This is it has’. Tiwa on the other hand is very relatable and lovable, she’s a cute chubby girl trying to lose weight and has a ton of boy drama in her life, her mother is the poster mother for EVERY NIGERIAN MUM because she acts just like the typical mother.

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The Dialogue

The dialogue in this is it makes me want to cringe. There was a time someone insulted another person and said ‘Youngie’. Who, WHO IN NIGERIA CALLS SOMEONE YOUNGIE? The way they talk in ‘This is it’ seems very elitist and there are different accents flying around. Someone who lives in Sokoto or Aba would not be able to relate to anything they say in ‘This is it’, but when it comes to SGIT the case is different. While the plot is also elitist with everything happens in Lekki Lagos, they are real in their dialogue and keep their English simple, simple to the point that people in the lower class would still understand and be able to relate. 2-0

The Acting

We’re not saying the acting in ‘This is it’ is poor, we’re just saying they can do way better. In SGIT the only character who’s acting makes us cringe is the Maid and since she’s not a major character we’re not bothered. Except for Nick Mutuma, it seems like the entire cast of ‘This is it’ have no prior experience in the acting world, either that or the director needs to buckle up and do a better job in directing.

All in all, both series are superb series and are gaining grounds, we just feel that if ‘This is it’ buckled up a bit they’d get a lot of numbers like SGIT is getting.

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