Samuel L. Jackson Wants to be in John Wick 3

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Based on the box office success and the cliffhanger ending, John Wick 3 was definitely going to happen. We were already excited for it, but it turns out there’s one actor who’s even more excited because he wants to be in it. Apparently, Samuel L. Jackson is a huge fan of the John Wick franchise, so much so that he reportedly would rather get a role in the next movie than star in his own Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

Film journalist Simon Thompson recently interviewed Jackson and based on Thompson’s comments, there may be literally nothing the actor wants to do more than a John Wick movie, including a Nick Fury movie.

He actually was less interested in that than he was in an idea he’s floated with me twice now. He wants to do—over a Nick Fury movie–John Wick 3 with Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves. He absolutely loves the John Wick movies. He wants in with a capital ‘IN.’

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Simon Thompson made these comments as part of the Meet the Movie Press show on Popcorn Talk. Basically, it seems that if the writers of John Wick 3 want to put Samuel L. Jackson in the movie, he would do it, there’s essentially no question about it. And let’s face it, that would be amazing. Putting Samuel L. Jackson up again Keanu Reeves in a John Wick fight scene could be something glorious.

Source: Cinemablend

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