Nigeria: The Real Reason The Country Has Many Problems

Let’s rewind the clock to say, 200 years ago, the people of our land were living in somewhat peace – save for the village squabbles, everyone avoiding the evil forests, the killing of twins and all that (Mehn! honestly, our land has always been riddled with the problem of ignorance). Then the British came, took over our lands and resources, and then Lord Lugard’s sidechick called the land “Nigeria”, and everything went downhill from there!

Well, on a positive note, they did end the killing of twins, brought education and God to us in exchange for our land, sanity, and ability to think for ourselves.

Let’s not go off topic (but the colonisation topic will definitely come up another day), but focus on the real matter at hand: The real reason behind Nigeria’s many problems.

The real reason behind Nigeria’s many problems is YOU. Yes! you reading this article, you are the problem. In all fairness, it’s not so much as you as all of us, but you still have your part to play.

The government is treating us like shit because you have allowed them to, they are stealing our money, taking and using our resources for their personal gain, making us believe that this is really a democracy when in actual fact, they are the ones in control, and are probably going to let China recolonize us again, ALL BECAUSE YOU ALLOWED THEM TO.

Think about it, if the Nigerian people are strong-willed enough, do you think the government will have the liver to confidently steal, kill, and do as they please without fear? We have given them a reason to believe that we will allow them to get away with anything because of our nature to suffer, smile, and adapt to any situation. We have made the streets dirty, destroyed Nigeria, and are celebrating scammers, thieves, and kidnappers because they are willing to bribe their way out of any situation.

What’s worse, the poverty mentality you exhibit is extremely laughable. So much so that you would be willing to do anything from selling your votes to your soul for money that will finish before you even enjoy it because you are a cheapskate and a sorry excuse for a human being (note that the money can be from as little as N50 – N10,000. Let’s face it, why would anyone give you N100,000 or more for your vote or something precious to you, when you clearly do not matter?). Maybe you were supposed to be the first female President of Nigeria but you wouldn’t be because you have allowed your destiny to be taken by a guy who only wants to use it to shut down Quilox for a night… JUST ONE NIGHT!

The list is endless, but the ignorance Nigerians exhume is really laughable. You are relishing in being the giANT of Africa (giANT because you really aren’t a giant, you are just an egotistical Ant that probably deserves getting squashed by the big foot that is currently on its way) when you are truly nothing.

You are selling products on Instagram but you say “DM for the price” because you tell people different prices after sizing their “bank accounts” through their IG profiles and more. You see, there are too many problems with you and that is why Nigeria is where it is right now. All this means is that even when we eventually clear out the evil people in power, the future of the country isn’t secure because you are just as bad or even worse than them based on the level of corruption you are currently playing at. Yours is street corruption but you’re mad at the government because they are playing the game at the national level.

You will happily rush to side with senators and influencers who tweet constantly about the proposed change and telly ou things you want to hear, but because you are too ignorant, you don’t want to notice that these same people are the ones with the power to legally change things in the country, instead they would rather spend their time on Twitter while stealing your money when you aren’t looking. Blind loyalty is your problem, you wouldn’t hesitate to follow anyone and do anything for people who wouldn’t even bother wasting a breath on you. Ignorance is a real disease.

Honestly, I can go on and on about the many problems you have caused this country, but I’m sure that all you want to do is to make just enough money to leave this country to the US, UK, Canada, or wherever, so what does it matter? Just try not to spoil things even further before you leave because know this, karma is coming, and I know you have already started seeing the signs.

But, what do I know, right?

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