Madness and Destruction: 4 Things We Need To See Happen In Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us different takes and views on beloved Marvel superheroes ever since it’s inception with Iron Man in 2008. Asides the great casting for characters we have seen so far (Robert Downey Jnr as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, etc.,) the beautiful plots, cunning spins, and story links within the Marvel Cinematic Universe have reached a level where the just initiated DCEU may probably never reach in their cinema lifetime because it keeps getting better with each movie.All the action, spins, and comic relief from the Avengers in the MCU are great, but there are still a lot of things the Avengers have done in the comics and cartoons that we are yet to see/scratch the surface of in the MCU – and trust me, they will make great scenes should they ever make it into the cinematic universe.

Thor Entering Warrior Madness State – The feats Thor has achieved in the comics and cartoons are too many to be mentioned. From lifting the Midgard serpent (which is as heavy as the earth itself) to defeating the likes of Hulk and Galactus, the Mjolnir-wielding Asgardian has nearly done it all… without entering his maddened state. Thor’s warrior madness is an enraged state the god of thunder enters where his strength and powers are increased 10X over. In this berserker mode, Thor has defeated the likes of Silver Surfer & Beta Ray easily and even bested Thanos with all his infinity stones. Thanos had to use an unbreakable force field to keep the maddened god of thunder at bay while admitting that once Thor breaks the force field, he – Thanos, will be defeated.
Hulk as World Breaker Hulk – As we already know, Hulk’s power level is indefinite and immeasurable. Being called “the most powerful mortal in the galaxy” by titans and gods alike isn’t a title to be trifled with. The Incredible Hulk has held up Manhattan, a 150 billion tonne mountain, and stopped a planet (90 quintillion tonnes) from ripping apart in his most basic angered state. However, World Breaker Hulk is on a whole other smash level!

Changing into this state alone seriously destroys his surroundings. A single footstep in world breaker mode caused earthquakes on the other side of the planet while also sinking Manhattan. World breaker Hulk split the planet into two, and destroyed an asteroid twice the size of earth in a single punch… and that was just the basic state of World breaker Hulk. (Imagine getting world breaker Hulk angry!). Wouldn’t such a hulk fighting Thanos be awesome?

Captain America’s Shield Getting Destroyed – Remember the scene in Age of Ultron after Scarlett Witch mind-warped Tony Stark and Tony ended up daydreaming the defeated Avengers on the floor along with a broken Captain America’s shield? Although the Adamantium-Vibranium alloyed shield is supposedly indestructible to any attack, it has been destroyed quite a number of times by beings using cosmic powers (Thanos, Odin, Doctor Doom, Thor & Loki (infused with Odin force) etc.,)

Beings that possess cosmic powers can and have destroyed his shield and it’ll be amazing to see on screen because even though the shield is his main weapon and symbol, Captain America -without the shield – kicked as much ass until his broken shield was repaired.

Hawkeye making an unbelievable shot while blind – Although he isn’t ranked among the top Marvel Characters both in the comics and the cinematic universe, the bow and arrow-wielding hero Hawkeye still has a lot of unbelievable feats that only a marksman like him could pull off. With a record of never missing a shot, Hawkeye has been shot more than 100 times at once by criminals and he recovered from it just in time to take them down.

He has also caught an arrow shot at him while he was blind (temporarily) and made an unbelievable shot… while blind. Did I also mention that his bow has a draw strength of 250 pounds? even Olympic athletes sometimes struggle to lift 200 lbs. He is seriously underrated in the MCU to be honest.

Trust me, the Marvel Cinematic Universe – with all the many movies they’ve made so far – has barely scratched the surface in terms of the characters and what they can do individually and collectively. All we can do is hope and pray we get to see at least some of these feats or states in the movies because it will be awesome!
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