Justice League’s Runtime Revealed…It’s Both Exciting and Strange

The Justice League movie has no doubt been on some tongues ever since the first ComicCon teaser was released last year, and if some were doubting before, the recently released trailer has cleared all reasonable doubt as to just how big the movie will be. After all, it is the biggest movie of the DCEU so far (just like Avengers initially was to the MCU). The trailer had everything, all the action, comedy, and satisfying scenes one would expect from such a movie, although Superman’s absence in any form of marketing has continued so far.

Recent listings by IMDb, shows the runtime of Justice League to be 2 hours 50 minutes. Which is a good 20 minutes longer than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s theatrical cut.
Although there will be a lot of fighting, much like the scene of Atlanteans and Amazons fighting against the Parademons on open ground…reminiscent of the war in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (which was a good 3-hour movie), for a superhero movie, it is long even by modern-day blockbuster standards.
The average tentpole release tends to run a little over two hours and massive events like The Avengers closer to two-and-a-half, but at almost three hours we’re in quote-unquote epic territory. In fact, at 170 minutes Justice League will be the longest theatrically released superhero movie of the modern era, inching past The Dark Knight Rises on 165 minutes.
The Wrap is reporting that Justice League‘s runtime is not locked in stone yet and the film isn’t finished. Regardless of the timeframe, the movie is expected to live up to the hype fans expect from DCEU, after the “horrific” ratings that Man of Steel and BvS got so far… As long as fans get entranced by the much expected blend of action, comedy and an engaging storyline while stuffing loads of popcorn into their mouths.
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