IT Is Dominating And Breaking Box Office Records

Stephen King’s IT is doing more than bringing true horror to the box office by shattering records and projected earnings. 
When the projected estimates for the movie came out in late August, the numbers suggested that the movie will gross between $50-60 million on its opening weekend. But it turns out that IT has not only shattered the estimates by making nearly twice as much, it is also currently destroying September records.
Box Office Mojo has posted its Saturday AM update, and the results are rather jaw dropping. As we got to the end of this past week, estimates continued to grow, with prognosticators suggesting $85 million and then $95 million, but now it looks like IT will manage to cross the century mark and make north of $100 million this weekend. The Stephen King adaptation got off to an amazing start with $13.5 million from Thursday shows (another record broken), but it actually managed to make $51 million from Friday screenings alone. 

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The previous record holder for the opening weekend gross in the month of September belonged to Hotel Transylvania 2 back in 2015 – which made $48,464,322. However, IT has already grossed $2.6 million more in one day than the animated movie did in three.
Though it is a surprise for a blockbuster movie to not only be released in September but also gross this much in such a short amount of time, it isn’t, however, all that surprising for Stephen King’s IT, as the reviews from top movie critics were nothing short of glowing.
We can’t wait to see what the total gross will be, whether it will go on to earn and possibly break more records when the official numbers of the movie’s total gross are released.
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