Why We Want The Batman To Be An R-Rated Movie

Coming out of a bittersweet showing in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC Extended Universe – since its inception in 2013 with Man of Steel has had a hard time living up to the expectations set by fans and critics alike.

However, in the midst of all the bashing, Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman has been hailed as amazing, considering the fact that he had to follow the masterpiece set by Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. To that effect, the first and still yet-to-be scheduled solo movie of the caped crusader in the DCEU, The Batman, has an unknown reputation to live up to, as so far, there hasn’t been any bad batman movie in the Batman franchise so far.

Since Affleck’s Batman has already been portrayed as one who wouldn’t hesitate to kill (probably since The Joker killed Robin), his supposed change of heart which we saw at the end of BvS with his decision not to brand Lex Luthor, may not be the right step to take for DCEU’s first Batman movie. Rather, an R-Rated movie filled with blood and more killings will serve the movie better and make it gross even more because of one major reason; Deathstroke.
Deathstroke (to be played by Joe Manganiello) is a mercenary, a killing machine and a villain who will take out any and everyone who gets in the way of his goal. He is a master tactician and a very serious and calculative Deadpool (and we know how Deadpool’s movie was a huge success even though it was an R-Rated movie).

Compared to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy that showed little or no killing and hardly any bloody scenes, Zack Snyder’s version has shown that he isn’t scared to cross that line from the scenes Batman chased the truck holding the Kryptonite and when he fought the hired hands that kidnapped Martha Kent. Capitalising on the established ‘no moral code’ of the Batman and Deathstroke’s love for bloody killings will work better for the movie as a whole.

Deadpool and Logan have both proved that R-rated superhero movies are not only in high demand, but will gross high at the box office. And also considering the fact that the DCEU have been taking a much darker tone with Zod’s neck getting snapped in Man of Steel and Ares getting electrocuted to death in Wonder Woman, there’s no better way to make The Batman an instant classic than to make it an R-rated movie with no holds barred. 
I mean, the fight between Batman and Deathstroke is expected to be bloody as weapons are expected to be involved, and both suits of armour will be torn to shreds… especially if they use the tone set from DC’s animated Son of Batman movie.

What do you think? Should The yet-to-be scheduled DCEU’s The Batman be better R-rated? Tell us in the comment section below.

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