Game Of Thrones: What To Expect In Season 7

Game of Thrones has solidified it’s stance as one of the best of the best series of all time, with millions of fans anticipatinc, expecting amd wanting even more of HBO’s prized jewel.
With six seasons down and three more to go, a lot of the happenings from the very first season until now still remains fresh in the minds of many. Like Ned Stark’s death, The red wedding, Jon Snow’s death and return, etc. Now, season 7 begins on Sunday (July 16) and as usual, there are a lot of potentially epic scenes that will happen in the seven episodes in season 7 of Game of Thrones.
So let’s talk specific predictions.
Season 6 ended on an explosive note with Cersei killing the high sparrow, the queen and everyone else at the trial. The young king killed himself and thus made Cersei more than the queen mother, but the one sitting on the Iron Throne. Now no one has lasted long on the iron throne so far, so can we expect Cersei’s death in season 7?

Also, with Cersei as the ruler of the seven kingdoms, we should also expect some crazy proclamations from her, and a lot more of the cunning moves she’s shown to be capable of so far. Only now, she needs no ones approval to carry them out, because she’s the ruler.

Jamie loves Cersei (durh!!), but he has lost too many children because of her and their family in general already. Now, it’s possible he begins to rethink everything and realises that Cersei is the main cause of a lot of his problems. So could we see a repeat of what Jamie did to the mad king in season 7?
Arya Stark survived the ultimate test by killing successfully escaping death and fleeing on a ship. With Cersei on her list of people she wants to kill, could be see a possible Arya killing Cersei just like she did the man that caused her mother and brother’s death at the red wedding?
Jon Snow has no idea that he is actually a taegeryan. And now that he has been proclaimed the King of the North and is gunning for the iron throne, maybe he gets to meet Daenerys and they somehow discover the truth about their bloodline.
Khaleesi has added even more to her army and is setting sail for Westeros. Now a lot can go wrong on a voyage while at sea. So could she possibly meet some pirates or something that will cause some problems and make them end up at the White Walker’s area?
The big selling-point of the season and the trailer was the speculation about a war between Khaleesi with her dragons (fire) and the White Walkers (ice). Could the war also be what will destroy most of the Khaleesi’s army as well as the White Walkers? Could Khaleesi lose a dragon to the white walkers?
There are so many other predictions, but the one thing that is sure is that season 7 will be one to remember and a defining point in Game of Thrones. Also, amd most importantly, “Valar Morghulis” – all men must die. So expect a lot of death as per usual.
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