Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 3 Review. “Trouble In Paradise For Tyrion Lannister”

The highly anticipated meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen didn’t go as we had all hoped. The King of the North has chosen not to bend the knee to pledge allegiance to the Mother of Dragons, and this, in turn, brought out a new side of the Khaleesi. Wouldn’t her reign of the seven kingdoms start on a bitter note by forcing Jon Snow to become her subject?
Jon Snow, on the other hand, has shown just how powerful he is without meaning to for choosing not to pledge allegiance to just anybody… especially someone he doesn’t know.
The battle of the cunny nature between the last three Lannisters took an unexpected turn when Tyrion was once again bested by the joint mind of Cersei and Jamie which resulted in the Unsullied getting stranded on took Castely Rock without any means of escape except to march to Westeros. 
The Tyrell’s Highwater home has also been totally wiped out along with the members of her army that didn’t side with Cersei. The news will be truly devastating for the Stormborn because the number of losses has now greatly affected Daenerys’ army which is currently less than half of what she had at the beginning of the season.
The good news is, with the Khaleesi’s decision to allow Jon Snow mine the dragonglass, all of them can bump heads – Jon, Davos, Tyrion and Daenerys – to come up with alternate strategies that can help turn the tide once again in the Khaleesi’s favour. And if Jon plays his cards right, he can end up getting his ‘fellow Targaryen’ to help him in the battle against the White Walkers. 
The Starks are finally reuniting – with Bran and Sansa meeting in this episode and Arya on her way home – after they were all scattered across the lands even though the situation surrounding the reunion is dire as the army of the dead keeps marching closer and closer to Winterfell. 
But the ‘pure blood’ Starks can also unite and strengthen the North – probably more than Jon Snow ever could (remember, he really doesn’t want the title of King of the North, he just wants to protect his home) and Bran can reiterate to the people just how badly they need to defeat the White Walkers and get revenge for Hodor.
However, the major question is how long can Daenerys continue trusting and following the advice of her hand – Tyrion Lannister – with the devastating blows she has received so far? Could we possibly see Tyrion get stripped of his position and Jon Snow get offered the position instead?

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