Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 1 Review

I know most of you have already watched the first episode of season 7 because the amount of Game of thrones stans in Nigeria are just too much to keep count of anymore.
If you thought the last episode in season 6 of Game of Thrones was too explosive, then you thought wrong. As once again, George R.R. Martin gave us a swift reminder of what Game of Thrones is really about, “Valar Morghulis.” The first episode started with Arya Stark taking revenge on the people who killed her family members at the “Red Wedding,” and it was so satisfying to watch. Her growth and ability to use the many-faced god’s powers are too remarkable… And now that she has set her sights towards Queen Cersei, I humbly doubt there’s anyone who can actually stop her.
Jon Snow’s ability to control the North and work towards defeating the White Walkers has one minor problem, Sansa Stark. I know right, of all people to be trying to undermine his rule! and with Lord Baelish still trying to work his way into her heart, he just might be able to enter Sansa’s mind and use her quest for revenge against Cersei Lannister to take over Jon Snow’s throne.
The white walkers’ march towards the wall is steadily advancing and it looks like the war is going to happen in this season, as speculated. And Sam’s discovery of the DragonGlass under the Targaryen foundation will surely set up a meeting of some sort between Daenerys and Jon Snow (who unknown to both of them, is actually a Targaryen)
The best part of the first episode was when Daenerys Targaryen returned home and asked her hand – Tyrion Lannister, “Shall We Begin?”
Those three words have set the pace for the remaining episodes of the season. Which means that the first episode was actually a preamble!!!
All in all, it was a great episode as expected, and it gets a full 10/10 from me!!!
And yea, ED SHEERAN WAS IN IT!!!!!
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