Barry Allen’s Return As The Flash May Tear The Team Apart

Barry Allen’s disappearance at the end of the third season in The Flash is expected to rile and unite the team to look for ways to bring him back… but that will not be the case according to actor Carlos Valdes.
“I wish I could say that the team unanimously agrees that things are not the same when the season starts, but not everybody feels that way,” Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon, tells Entertainment Weekly. “Most of the energy on the team is toward getting Barry back, and Cisco may or may not have some things up his sleeve with regards with how to make that happen, but there is a member of the team that’s not on board, and that ultimately makes the mission to get Barry back a lot more difficult. But the thing about Cisco is if he wants to get his friends back, he will do whatever it takes the get his friends back — and that’s not just Barry.”
The Flash Season 4 trailer from Comic-Con, certainly seemed to indicate that Iris West is the one going against the grain when it comes to bringing back Barry Allen. However, it seems inevitable that Barry Allen will return to the land of the living as the Scarlet Speedster. After all, he still has to die in 2024 stopping the crisis.
All we can do is wait and see how it all plays out when The Flash returns for season 4 on CW on October 10th.

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