Deadpool Offers Brazilians Free Tattoos In New Hilarious Promo Clip

When he’s not breaking the fourth wall or trying hard to fit into his suit as fast as possible, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool spends a lot of his time inventing new means to market himself, especially when a new Deadpool movie is at the horizon.
Anyways, the Merc with the Mouth’s latest plug is to all his Brazilian fans, as those who are attending Brazil Comic-Con, a.k.a. CCXP, will have the chance to get Deadpool on their body forever. And thankfully, Wade Wilson put in the time to deliver this news effectively to folks in that area of South America. And by that, I mean he was on Google Translate for 20 minutes and spent a few hours watching telenovelas.
Deadpool 2 will hit theatres on June 1, 2018, and will see Wade Wilson once again wear his red suit, meeting Cable and Domino, battling Black Tom Cassidy, reuniting with most of his allies from the first movie and continuing to break the fourth wall.
Watch the hilarious video above.

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