The Bling Lagosians Quiz: Find Out Which Holloway You Are

Bling Lagosians movie review

The Bling Lagosians is currently the number one movie in Nigeria, having raked in over N20 million in its opening weekend, and with box-office predictions estimating the movie hitting the N100 million mark soon, it definitely will go down as one of the best movies of the year.

The movie follows the lives of the Holloways who have a lot of personal and collective problems. As each member of the Holloway family work to solve their problems, they prepare for Mopelola’s party, clearly to become the year’s biggest social event. But the buzz about the party compels the Asset Management Corporation to foreclose on ST. IVES, the family business, after the death of his God Father Baba Eko who had been protecting Akin Holloway. He must then fight a bigger battle – getting Mopelola to cancel her party and maintain a low profile to get them off the radar, while he tries to save the business.

Cinema Shed created a quiz to show you which member of the Holloway family you are. Take the quiz below, state your result in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share with others as well.



The Bling Lagosians Movie Review

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