The Defenders: What You Should Know Before Binge-Watching

The Defenders is now available for streaming on Netflix and we can’t be more psyched!

However, If you are just hearing about the Marvel/Netflix series for the first time – which will be extremely weird, but forgivable – then here are things you should know before binge-watching the series. Also, if you are constantly following Marvel/Netflix series of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, here are a few things you should know in case you forgot.

Daredevil season 2 ended with the death of Elektra and also Matt Murdock revealing his secret to his new love interest, Paige. However, unknown to Daredevil, The Hand dug up Elektra’s body to make her undergo the ritual that will bring her back to life, make her semi-immortal and put her under their control.

Jessica Jones season 1 ended with the death of Kilgrave and Jessica going home expecting to see Luke (the guy she had begun falling in love with) waiting for her, but instead found an empty bed as Luke had gone back to Harlem to well, start his own series.

Luke Cage left Hell’s Kitchen and Jessica to go back home and live lowkey since the cops were already getting involved in Jessica’s business. However, after facing his brother, his past gor dug up and it was revealed that he was an ex-con (although he was wrongly accused). After defeating his brother, He then went back to the jail he broke out of to redeem himself and prove that he is in fact, innocent. Also, his new love interest Claire – the nurse that saved his life back in Hell’s kitchen at the request and pleas of his then lover, Jessica Jones – will be in the series, so in case things get weird for a minute, you know why.

After temporarily defeating the Hand, Danny Rand – the Iron Fist – and Coleen went up to Kun Lun but found it vanished with some members of the Hand killed at the entrance. So he will most likely begin his journey by coming back to New York to probably find something amiss.

There! Now you are all caught up and you can happily binge-watch. You will also get to know their powers (old and new) as you watch, so no need to spoil it for you.

The Defenders is currently available on Netflix

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