Superman: The Evolution Of The Man of Steel In Movies

Superman is undoubtedly the most popular and the strongest character in the DC universe. With billions of comics sold, millions in revenue generated from the cartoons, and over a billion and counting in movies, the Superman franchise is more than just a franchise at this point… it’s a way of life.

The man of steel first flew into theatres as early as 1978 with Christopher Reeves playing the role of the Kryptonian. From his hugely successful origin story spun three other movies which were released in 1980, 1983 and 1987 and all played by Christopher Reeves. Christopher Reeves died on 10 October 2004 due to a cardiac arrest. He had spent a lot of his time after the fourth Superman movie in a wheelchair after a devastating horse-riding accident that crippled him.

After years of silence, The Return of Superman in 2006 saw Brandon Routh assume the role. The movie wasn’t as successful as one would have expected with many negative than positive reviews. You can catch Brandon Routh on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow series on CW.

In 2013, Superman once again returned to the big screen in Man Of Steel to not only bring the character back from the ashes but to also herald the beginning of the DCEU (which is currently gaining an unprecedented momentum). Henry Cavill, who currently plays Superman, has appeared in two movies so far; Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He will also appear in Justice League when it comes out in November (because I mean, what’s the Justice League without Superman?)

P.S – Aren’t you all glad that Superman doesn’t wear his underpants on his tights anymore?
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