Stephen Amell Speaks On Why Oliver Queen Trusts Susan Williams

Warning: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. Read at your own risk!
Though Susan Williams started off the season on a rough note, she’s become invaluable to Oliver — which was proven during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow.
After Susan (Carly Pope) was kidnapped by Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), Oliver (Stephen Amell) was determined to get his girlfriend back. After all, they had just recently reached a great place where she even knew he was the Green Arrow and was willing to keep his secret.

It’s certainly a change from the beginning of the season when Susan was all too willing to dupe Thea (Willa Holland) into providing her with information that she then used against Oliver as mayor. Plus, Susan spent a bulk of the season digging into Oliver’s ties to Russia, so for all he knew, Susan could’ve been working with Adrian. How has Oliver come to trust her so explicitly?
“We’ve all seen the evil reporter,” Amell tells EW. “I thought that it was much more interesting that we see the evil reporter who takes advantage of someone and takes advantage of a mayor who she thinks, possibly rightly so, is unqualified, then gets to know him better, begins to appreciate his love for the city and has a change of heart. I always thought that that was way more interesting than just she’s out to get him, she’s keeping close proximity for the simple reason of eventually outing him and destroying his life.”

Still, Oliver believes Susan truly isn’t out to get him, even though he’s basically lied to her from the start. “He’s never been the best at confiding in people and to say that he’s trusting her and letting her in, I don’t really know how he’s doing that,” Amell says. “He tells her half-truths all the time, and despite the fact that she might know a little bit more than he realizes, I feel like they hit it off a little bit. Oliver putting his trust in Susan Williams, he’s proven right over the course of these episodes because she came into some information, and he even says to Thea, ‘She won’t do that to me,’ in terms of ousting me as the Green Arrow.”

However, Amell understands it’s only natural for long-time fans of Arrow to distrust anyone new who comes into Oliver’s life as the Berlanti-verse shows tend to instill a sense of wariness. “That’s right,” Amell says. “So maybe Susan is the exception to that rule.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.
Culled from EW
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