Spiderman Loses His Suit & Gets Scolded In New Spiderman: Homecoming Trailer

After what was nothing short of an amazing debut in Captain America: Civil War thanks to Sony finally giving Marvel equal rights to the character, our friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler, Spiderman, will see his third reboot hit screens in July.

Before then, however, the first trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming showed us a glimpse of Peter Parker trying to get tips from Tony Stark on how to join the Avengers, and also a look at his new suit (complete with web-wings), and the main villain, Vulture – played by Michael Keaton.

The new trailer has got even more juicy action, comedy, and reveals a whole lot more about the plot of the movie scheduled for release on July 7.

Watch the trailer below:

Apart from going against Tony’s wishes to take on the small frys and leave the big guys like Vulture to the Avengers, Peter also proved to Tony that he wasn’t fit to use the suit the billionaire made for him. 
But though he lost it, the never-say-never guy from Queens (who was able to take Captain America’s shield from the fabled soldier) decided to redeem himself by wearing his old suit from the Youtube video and save his town from the menace that Vulture and his cohorts are.
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