Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards Movie Review

kambili the whole 30 yards movie review

Kambili is a movie about a young lady of the same name, who at 28 still hasn’t gotten her life together. Her boyfriend breaks up with her because he believes she isn’t wife material so she sets out to prove him wrong.

Nancy Isime carried the lead role well, and her supporting cast of Venita and Swanky JKA both added the extra “oomph” to not only add colour to the character of Kambili, but also make the movie, as a whole, a well-balanced production.

The movie started off well and ended well with the cast and production crew (which I must commend again because they were very little in number,) pulling their weight to make it come together nicely.

However the middle of the movie presented a huge problem as it was packed full of confusing and contradictory plots.

It was like the story had a big hole that made me wonder why cast members were written (forced) to later contradict their initial portrayal just to further the story and end the movie the way it did.

It felt like Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards could have very well done without it because it became a very avoidable case of “oh, I’ve watched this storyline before.”

Still the best selling point of Kambili is that it’s a simple movie with a lot of heart, and the character development was subtle yet good, you wouldn’t realise it’s happening before your eyes until it hits you.

Is Kambili worth watching? I’ll say that if you’re a woman and/or one for “cheesy romance” movies then Kambili is for you. If not, you may probably struggle to truly enjoy your ticket’s worth.

P.S: I believe it’ll be a hit when/if it comes on Netflix because movies like this almost always do.

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