J.K. Simmons Talks James Gordon’s Role In Justice League and The Batman

Actor J.K. Simmons will be bringing Commissioner Gordon to life on the big screen as part of the DC cinematic universe in The Batman solo film. Fans will get the first glimpse of him though in Justice League.
The talented actor (Whiplash, Spider-Man) recently spoke to ScreenCrush (via Heroic Hollywood) about his role in the anticipated film.

Simmons said “My part in the first film coming out this fall is very, very small. It’s a little introduction of the character. But whenever the next one gets off the ground, whether it’s The Batman movie or the Justice League sequel, and I know those things are getting shuffled around right now … we thought we might be getting to work pretty soon on The Batman, but we’ll see what the future brings. Hopefully, that’ll be another comic-book character that I get to take two or three or four cracks at.”
So far the status of the Justice League sequel is unknown, and with Matt Reeves on The Batman, changes are likely coming to that film as well. Still, odds are Simmons will have a few different chances to occupy the role in the coming years.
Justice League hits theatres on November 17, 2017, while The Batman lands sometime in 2018.
Source: Comicbook
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