IT Scares Kingsman: The Golden Circle Off #1 At The Box Office

Kingsman: The Golden Circle had an awesome opening day to take the #1 spot from Stephen King’s IT at the box-office last weekend, but now, Pennywise has surprisingly scared his way back to #1, beating both Kingsman 2 and American Made.
Check out the full breakdown with the chart below!
Source: Cinemblend
It’s still shocking to see IT do this well in the box office for a horror blockbuster in September, but there is no denying that director Andres Muschietti’s masterpiece has set a new record and trend in the horror genre for a movie released before Haloween. The Stephen King adaptation has only been seeing decreases in its weekend totals in modest slices, and its 41.8 percent drop from the last three day span was apparently enough for the movie to be named number one with $17.3 million brought in. And Warner Bros announced that the movie has already grossed over $500 million worldwide, which makes it officially the biggest R-Rated horror movie of all time.
However, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is expected to at some point climb back up to number one and retain that position for a while, after what was a sweet opening weekend. It is surely expected to gross more than it’s prequel.
It’s unclear just how much Kingsman 2 will gross, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we know more.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.
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